Under-Eye Filler

In many of us, dark color change, pit appearance and / or bagging may occur in the under-eye area due to factors such as age, structural factors, fatigue and insomnia. This image gives us a tired, sleepless and old expression that we unfortunately do not want.

From this, it is specifically designed to repair the eye contour, containing a long-term, skin-restructuring complex and combined with natural ingredients; hyaluronic acid + 8 amino acids + 3 antioxidants + 2 minerals + 1 vitamin containing all the different filler content and more rich detention light fill was revealed. These substances help to provide the structure at the cellular level. It is a method that helps to remove the bruises, lines, wrinkles and ringing in the rejuvenation of the eye area. It is called light filling because it reflects the light around the eyes because of its content, illuminates and revitalizes the skin.

- Light filling can be applied to any adult who has bruise, bagging, pitting, wrinkles around eyes.
- It is comfortable and painless since the application is made with cannula without needles. No bruising or swelling is expected after the procedure.
- Significant efficacy is monitored immediately after the procedure.
- Permanence is 1 year on average.