Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is almost always done with silicone prostheses. The most ideal and satisfactory breast surgery results are obtained with breast prostheses.

Is the silicone prosthesis harmful to the body?

The prostheses used do not harm the body in any way and do not react with body tissues. New generation silicones do not puncture because they contain solid silicone in a thick silicone membrane.

Are prostheses permanent for life?

The prostheses used are of a life-long structure. However, if you experience excessive weight changes after the operation, or if you experience pregnancy, breastfeeding, sagging in your chest structure and a new surgery will be needed.

How much magnification do I need?

The size of the prosthesis and breast diameter will determine the size of the prosthesis. In order to determine the exact size, some drawings and measurements are made on your chest before the operation and the most accurate result is reached.

What about scar?

I generally operate through a 3mm cut on lower breast curve.
 As opened on curve, the cut does not appear clearly and looks like a shadowy scar after 1 years. If lifting is needed, there will also be a lollipop-shaped scar circling the nipple and extending downwards depending on amount of sagging.

Postoperative process.

The pain after breast prosthesis surgery is higher than other breast surgeries. But with pain-free and bleeding-free surgery and appropriate local anesthesia techniques, these pains can be minimized. Still, the first 2-3 days are a bit sensitive. But at the end of 3 days, as the edema decreases, arm movements relax and tenderness decreases.

When can I return to my daily life?

You can return to your daily life 5 days after the surgery, but it is important to make your arm movements a little controlled so that you don't feel pain and edema does not occur. Desk work can be returned at the end of 1 week.

Postoperative breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding will not be affected because breast tissue and milk channels are not touched during breast augmentation surgery alone.

Operational risks.

Early in the post-operative period, although rare, blood accumulation called hematoma may occur and in this case, the accumulated blood may need to be drained in the operating room. Again, if there is unilateral swelling and redness in the early period, they can be a precursor to infection and usually respond to medication.

There is no such thing as an explosion of prosthesis.

In the long term, some patients may develop a condition called capsule contracture. Normally, the implant is placed around the body with a thin membrane. If this membrane is thicker and harder than normal, it can cause pain and deformations. It is very, very rare.

How long should I spend on surgery?

One week will be enough for the surgery.