Jaw Line Filler

One of the most important aesthetic trends of recent times is the jaw line filling. One of the most important differences from other processes is the surprisingly demanding mass of men and women. It is noteworthy that an area in the face has a common understanding of the concept of beauty for both sexes. In men, it is accepted as the equivalent of masculine lines and it is seen as mask jaw masculization ğı where the edges of the jaw lines are emphasized and the expanded jaw lines are emphasized; In women, the "Hollywood jaw", "" Nefertiti jaw "," "Angelina jolie jaw" with various connoting names are mentioned, such as the jaw corners are emphasized, the jaw-chin junction is sharpened and sharpened the jaw tip is the equivalent of the application.

“Jaw masculinization” & Hollywood chin” 

It should be mentioned here that apart from other filling operations, filler injections to the jaw area and jaw line may be insufficient to capture the desired whole by itself in order to capture the targeted jaw image. In order to achieve the desired contour, we combine bectectomy, masseter botox, agassi cheek thinning, food liposuction and cheek filler with one or more procedures.

How much cc of filling is required?

Another point that distinguishes the jaw filler from other fillings is the need to use fillers at higher volumes from the first session in order to achieve significant changes. Lips, cheekbones, nasolabial and under-eye light filling in one session, although we do not go over 1 cc almost in the jaw line fill 4-5 cc filling can be applied from the first session.

Is it long-lasting?

The filling material, which is used safely in the world and used in our clinic, is the substance that we call hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the body. It is permanent for 8-12 months. The permanence of the filling varies from person to person, smoking, environmental conditions and the quality of the filler made. It is known that the retention time of the filling is prolonged in repeated filling applications.

Is it possible to remove the filling?

Hyaluronidase, which melts hyaluronic acid
and filling within 24 hours is completely eliminated.