Lip filler

What makes us us, our focus is on our lips ... The main subject of our daily makeup is our lips. To me, it is the entrance symbol of femininity and youthful appearance. Having lips that look fuller, lively and more attractive is the object of desire for almost all women has become. Increasing the reliability of the application and as women, we become more courageous in expressing ourselves. The fact that lipstick is the oldest product in the history of make-up shows us that we have desired colorful, voluminous lips since our existence. The only variable here is the increase in our courage to express ourselves from yesterday to today. A period in which lip filling is as routine and acceptable as lipstick is waiting for us.

Am I an eligible candidate?

Naturally you can have thin lips; hyaluronic acid loss of lip volume and thinning will occur due to loss. In either case, you are a  candidate for lip fill. Many people have lips that will be considered fuller, and if you want to have it, of course, you are still a candidate for lip filling.

When should I get it done?

Unlike many aesthetic applications, lip filling is an ageless and timeless application. When you want to start at the age of 18, is an application you can make at any age. Since the injection period does not contain any seasonal changes, it is an application that you can easily perform in all four seasons.

How should I decide the shape?

It is very important that the lip filling process is performed in accordance with the face and expectations of the person within the framework of golden ratios. The experience of the person, having an aesthetic point of view is the most important point in obtaining satisfactory results after application. According to my approach, lips are the application area that requires the most art and technique. For this reason; The most important part of the process is the correct design before the injection.

First, lip design is made in accordance with the general structure of the face and in line with the expectations of the patient, then the drawing is made and then the filling process is started. It is accepted that the upper lip is 1/3 of the lower lip, but it should not be forgotten that this appreciation may vary from person to person.

How many sessions?

Ideally, the filler should be 15 days apart according to the needs and expectations. several sessions.

Is it long-lasting?

The filler, which is used safely in the world and used in our clinic, is called hyaluronic acid, is the substance that exists naturally in the body. It is permanent for 8-12 months. The persistence of the filler can vary from person to person, smoking, environmental conditions and varies depending on the quality. Repetitive lip filling applications the retention time of the filler is known to be prolonged.

Is it possible to retrieve the backfill?

The enzyme called hyaluronidase, which dissolves hyaluronic acid, is made by injector to the area where the filling is applied and filling within 24 hours is completely eliminated. However, in the above-mentioned permanent filling applications, sometimes surgery is not enough, hyaluronic acid fillings are therefore the most preferred fillers.

Gums while laughing
Can I prevent it from appearing?

This deformity, known as gummy smile, may be eliminated with the application of botox and filling together. This combination generally provides highly successful solutions.

Is it harmful for body?

The lifting material consists of hyaluronic acid and this material is naturally found in body. So, it does not cause allergic reactions. Filling application has risk in neither short nor long term.