Nasolabial Filler

The groove that starts from the sides of the nose and extends to the corners of the mouth is called “nasolabial groove.. This groove, which is actually a component of our face from the moment we are born, gets deeper and exhibits the effect of gravity as our skin loses its moisture and support tissue as it gets wet. When our mimics are more active, this process develops faster and more aggressively. The deepening and prominent nasolabial groove causes an unwanted dull appearance and a tired old expression.

What is the right time for nasolabial filling application?

Intervening without deepening the groove will give much more meaningful results, and even the right thing to do is to maintain the moisture balance of the skin before the grooves are formed. This will ensure that any signs of aging of the skin are formed later.

Golden standard approach in nasolabial filling application.

Care should be taken in fillings in areas of the mid-face region, such as the nasolabial groove, because the mid-face is one of the fastest-losing areas of the supportive tissue and therefore prone to sagging. It is essential for a correct result to be done with the right technique and to start with the moves that will create a lifting effect. It is best to try to stretch the face by supporting the cheekbones first and to fill the nasolabial trough at the next stage, aiming to raise some amount.

Which product?

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are preferred for the nasolabial filler application.

Are my facial expressions affected?

Hyaluronic acid fillings in nasolabial groove have no effect on mimics.

When does the effect occur?

The effect will show itself immediately after the procedure.
Since hyaluronic acid has a tendency to absorb water within 2 weeks, the full effect is settled within 2 weeks.


The average retention time is 12 months. Permanence of filler to mimic usage, person to person, smoking,
environmental conditions and the quality of the filler varies.
It is known that the retention time of the filling is prolonged in repeated filling applications.