Hi-def liposuction

Hi-def liposuction is the general name of liposuction operations aiming an upper-level body shaping with high definition.  Combining classic liposuction method with various technologies, this next generation liposuction technique provides better solutions.  I get much effective results by combining all the methods below in operations:

Vaser liposuction

This technique melts the fat tissues with ultrasonic waves without damaging other tissues. Thanks to this technology, the fat is removed in a non-traumatic and controllable way. Vaser liposuction is accepted worldwide and took the place of classic liposuction almost completely.

Microair system

With microair system, mechanical micro resonance separates oil tissue from other tissues easily and risks such as bleeding are almost completely eliminated. This technique significantly decreases all kinds of anaesthesia risks in parallel with operation time besides considerably contributing healing process.

Laser liposuction

Laser system stimulates tightening in upper skin tissue during liposuction operation.

Advantages of combined approach in liposuction

Thanks to combined approach, we can reveal the waist curve more effectively and get a flatter abdomen.
 We can create six packs, known also as adonis belts, on abdomen via operations on the superficial fat tissues. Healing process and pain decrease is faster compared to classic methods. Accordingly, the patient can get back into her/his routine faster.

Liposuction is not a method of weight loss.

The aim of liposuction is not losing weight or slimming. This is a contouring operation and makes you look slimmer with aesthetic curves. Controlling weight upon the operation is a wrong approach.

Who are not appropriate for this operation?

Liposuction is not a right option for people whose BMI is 30 or more; these candidates must lose weight before the operation.  For sagging skin and cracks as a result of recurrent pregnancy or frequent weight loss and regaining, liposuction alone is neither appropriate nor adequate.

Healing process

Resting 1 post-operative night is necessary for healing.
 If the operation is combined, the patient may have to rest 2 nights depending on number of operated areas.
There is nothing wrong with sitting or lying down upon the operation. But it is necessary to use various special corsets for at least 6 weeks after the operations. Thus, it is more comfortable to have the operation in spring, autumn or winter rather than summer.

When should I board a flight?

You can fly after the first post-operative week.

When should I start gym?

You can start jogging after 3 weeks and you can do all physical exercises after 6 weeks.