Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Aesthetics)

The earliest symptoms of ageing on face are observed on eye contour.
As we age, the skin on the eyelids sags, the eyelids drops and thins and fat pad formation occurs and and these pads become clear with tears. Eyelid aesthetics, carried out to eliminate wrinkles and fat pads around the eye contour is a simple operation, however, requires fine craftsmanship and provides to look younger. With blefaroplasty, both upper and lower eyelids may be interfered. This operation also provides to eliminate upper lid sagging coming into view. In lower lids, fat pads are eliminated.

How is eyelid aesthetic surgeries carried out?

In eyelid aesthetic surgeries, excess skin and fat tissues are removed. Sagging eyelids are interfered with a cut over the upper eyelid skin and normalized with the removal of excess skin and fat. Lower eyelids are reached via cuts over lower lash line and fat bags are eliminated.

How long does an eyelid surgery last?

Eyelid aesthetics last approximately 45 minutes. It may be carried out under either local or general anaesthesia. I prefer to operate under general anaesthesia.

Post-operative Process

You can get back to your routine 1 week after the eyelid surgery. It is normal to have a temporary tension, swelling, light or heavy bruising, sometimes asymmetry, burning, stinging and itching. If you feel pain, it can be eliminated with simple painkillers.
 The swelling and bruising disappears in at most 2 weeks.