Liquid (Liquid) Face Lift

The biological back side of aging. We always observe the most visible effects of aging on our skin. To summarize the main effects of the years on the face;

- Loss of muscle, bone and adipose tissue
- Moisture loss at cellular level
- Reduction of collagen

All these components in return for the change in the surface area of the skin has lost elasticity, wrinkled and sagging skin structure is encountered. A dangling and wrinkled skin is the most aesthetic concern that first comes to mind at the point of solution. Surgically, face lifting, face hanging treatments. But often in face lift The option of surgery remains a feared option, which is backed down as the last plan. Aesthetic beauty concern that is constantly strengthened and the desire to delay aging has encouraged modern medicine to produce new and effective solutions on this subject. As an alternative to surgery, a wide range of treatment options are offered for a tense face. The gold standard in all these therapies is to start treatment early. These treatment options include energy-based methods (scarlett, forever young BBL), rope with the face and the head of the liquid face lift.

What does liquid face lift mean?

Deeply feeding collagen and dehydrated skin, giving missing components under the skin and toxin-like therapies to reduce muscle activity are the basic principles of treatment. These minimally invasive procedures performed by injection method have very effective results. has succeeded to settle at the top of the most used aesthetic applications all over the world.

How effective?

The most important determinant factor here is the right timing, ie early onset of treatment. Early stage sagging in the neck area, collapsed cheekbones, under-eye sagging, superficial wrinkles, very significant changes in grooves can be achieved. Otherwise, we see advanced sagging in advanced age, In case of very deep grooves and streaks in the skin, surgical options will be required.

Which substances are injected into the face?

Firstly hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins and toxins help to reduce muscle tone is taken. Tissue collagen inducing materials are also used as promoters.

What should be the right time?

Starting treatment from the earliest moment when we notice the first changes that disturb us it will have much more effective and meaningful results. After the face completely sagging expecting great benefits from minimal transactions will unfortunately be misleading.

Will there be a big change in my face?

Our aim should be to protect our most natural and clear state. These treatments are very effective it will give very pleasing results as long as it is done in the right amount and plan. The selection of experts and centers should be the most important topic in all aesthetic procedures.

Is it a process that prevents social life?

Except for redness or small bruises on your face that may develop due to needle entries. There is no expected side effect. It is sufficient to avoid heavy physical activity for 1 week.

How long is the retention time?

According to the injection type, we can say that there is an average of 8 months - 1 year. It should be borne in mind that this period may vary from person to person.