Cheek Filler

Cheekbones are the most prominent areas in our face expression. It has been evaluated within the understanding of beauty which has been accepted since ancient times and it has always been wanted to be shown full. Plump and pink cheekbones have been accepted as the connotation of youth and a vigorous face.

Highlight effect

One of our favorite parts of our makeup is the hihghlight touches where we polish the areas that should be in the front such as forehead, cheekbones and nose. Unfortunately, when our cheekbones are naturally smaller or behind, or with age-related volume loss, our highlight touches are unfortunately inadequate. At this point, we can get exactly the result we want from hyaluronic acid fillers. Approximately 15 minutes and a painless application with a short time cannula can capture the desired fuller cheeks.

Lifting effect

Anatomical plan and technique towards cheekbones
the right amount of fillings in the middle face also creates a visible lifting effect.

Which filling material is used?

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are preferred for cheek filler application.

When can the effect of the application be observed?

The effect will show itself immediately after the procedure.
Since hyaluronic acid has a tendency to absorb water within 2 weeks, the full effect is settled within 2 weeks.

Is it long-lasting?

The average retention time is 12 months.
Permanence of filler to mimic usage, person to person, smoking,
environmental conditions and the quality of the filler varies.
It is known that the retention time of the filling is prolonged in repeated filling applications.