Liplift (Lip Lifting)

The distance between lips and nose may be longer than expected because of natural facial structure and age. This makes us look older and sulkier. Liplift operation offers an effective solution for this problem by shortening the distance between the lips and nose.

How is this operation carried out?

This half an hour operation is carried out in operating room environment under local anaesthesia.
 The excess skin is removed through the cut opened along the nose wings in accordance with the anatomical plan, the lip is pulled upwards, and the two plans are reunited. Carried out through a cut, this operation causes surgical scar.
 For a successful result, cut line, how much the distance is shortened and how much the area is tightened are of vital importance. 

Who is appropriate for this operation?

Liplift should be preferred relatively by middle-aged or older people. Because this operation causes surgery scar and as we age, the distance between nose and lip gets longer and the lip loses volume.

When should lip augmentation / lip lifting be preferred?

The standard and key procedure of increasing volume of thin lips is certainly hyaluronic acid fillings.
This is a temporary filling used to reshape and increase the volume of the lips. If the main problem is unframed, completely downturned and withdrawn lips with a short nose-lip distance, then, lip lifting is more appropriate. Because only hyaluronic acid application on thin and downturned upper lifts may even increase the complaints. Moreover, it should be noted that lip lifting leaves surgery scar. The width of the scar varies from person to person, but it is impossible to eliminate this.

Healing period.

There will be a thin tape on the cut line upon the operation. The stitches will have completely healed when the tapes are removed after 10 days. As the stitches melts, there is no need for taking the stitches. Several creams may be recommended as cosmetics to accelerate the healing process.