Tummy Tuck

After repeated pregnancies or periods of excessive weight gain, the skin cannot adapt to expansion and unfortunately sagging of the skin and cracks on the surface develop. After the development of this situation, weight loss, sports and liposuction options such as options alone can not bring solutions. Stretching and reshaping the abdominal skin by removing the sagging and cracked skin surface is the only surgical procedure that offers a solution.

Abdomen liposuction or abdomen lifting?

Only liposuction will be sufficient or abdominal stretching is best done with your plastic surgeon can understand the separation. If there are deep skin cracks, if there is significant skin excess, then liposuction alone will not suffice. Liposuction alone will not suffice if the muscles and fascia forming the abdominal wall are damaged and relaxed after repeated pregnancies. Abdominal stretching is not only an operation where the skin is stretched, but also the fascia and muscle layer that forms the abdominal wall.

Who is not appropriate for this operation?

- Patients with a body mass index above 35 are not eligible for this surgery. Because intraabdominal fatation is high in these patients, a flat abdomen cannot be obtained by abdominal stretching surgery and the risk of developing bad scenarios is higher.

- Patients with large scars on the abdomen due to previous operations may not be eligible for surgery, as this will affect abdominal skin nutrition. You should consider this in detail with your doctor.

- Patients who smoke are not eligible for surgery. Smoking should be stopped at least 1 month in advance and should not be smoked for 1 month thereafter. Smokers are more at risk of having problems such as opening sutures after surgery, infection, malodorous discharge, darkening of the skin, wounds in the navel. In addition, the risk of embolism increases in smokers, which may even be life-threatening.

Does this operation leave scar?

Yeah. It is an operation that carries scars of varying size depending on the size of the abdominal problem. The tracks are intended to be concealed within the underwear area.

Will my tracks be too long?

The length of the scars depends on the amount of sagging and fat on your abdominal skin. If more, traces will be shorter if longer.

Which problems will be corrected with this surgery.

Cracks in the skin are removed with excess skin, liposuction is provided with additional thinning of the waist and abdomen, and the plication of the loose ligaments on the abdominal wall straightens the abdominal wall. The uncorrectable part is cracks at the upper level of the navel. It is not possible to remove these cracks, but the abdominal skin is stretched, making it more uncertain.

My approach to abdominal aesthetics.

I am in favor of approaching abdominal aesthetics as a whole. This is the best result. After the removal of excess skin during abdominal stretching and abdominal wall plication procedure, the anterior part of the abdomen, sides, waist and the sides extending from the sides of the abdomen and back to the back and even the liposuction procedure to be performed on the back, thinning in the whole body, thinning in the waist, flattening in the abdomen, forming the waist curvature can be provided. In this way, the patient will notice very clearly the clothes she wears and even see the shrinkage of the clothes body.

Complications and possible problems.

In the early postoperative period, some patients may develop subcutaneous blood deposits, called hematomas. It is prevented by appropriate interventions.

Redness and swelling may develop in the first 5 days, which may be a precursor to infection, and they almost always respond to antibiotic treatment.

In patients who smoke, darkening of the skin, sutures and leaks may occur. This situation can be prevented by quitting smoking completely.

During the first 2 months, the reaction to deep thick threads used in sewing may result in crusting currents lasting 3-5 days and responds to dressings immediately. But this type of attacks are likely to occur until the 2nd month.

Although asymmetries occur in the long term, they are usually not problematic enough to require a second operation. Again, depending on the technique used and the amount of skin excess of the patient, pots may form at the ends of the suture line, which can be corrected under local anesthesia.

What is Mini Abdominal Stretching?

Mini tummy tuck is only applied to patients who have had post-pregnancy curvature and minimal skin excess. It is a rare technique and its use is limited.

How do I sleep, walk?

In the first 10 days after surgery, you should lie in a position similar to what we call the position of the curved waist and walk in a 30-degree inclined position from the waist to the front.

When can I go back to work.

Abdominal stretching surgery is one of the most troubled aesthetic surgery.
At best, you can get back to work in two weeks.

What awaits me for a week after surgery?

After the surgery, I keep my patients in the hospital for 1 or 2 nights depending on the size of the operation. You will go to the toilet for the first 3-4 days after surgery and you will sleep in your bed except for short corridor walks and the bed will be bent in the waist.
After the 4th day your tissues will begin to relax and your pain will decrease and you will begin to walk around more. You will walk forward for the first 7 days and you will be able to walk straight again as your tissues begin to relax and your pains begin to decrease. In the first week, you will have to avoid solid foods because your constipation attack can cause you a lot of trouble.