Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

The science of medicine needs and is convenient for continuous innovation in accordance with new requirements. The innovations in medicine created such a big room for ultrasonic waves that utilization of ultrasound technology dramatically increased.

What is ultrasound energy?

Ultrasonic waves are the energy created by sonic waves resonating more than 20.000 per second.

In other words, they can be defined as sonic waves beyond human hearing threshold. Ultrasonic energy coming from sonic waves has found place in medical imaging first. The working principle of ultrasound is based on different reflections of sonic waves from different tissues and organs. The fact that ultrasound has become the unique imaging system in obstetrics prove the reliability of this technology.

Piezo ultrasonic technology

Piezoelectric surgery was developed in 1980s in Italy.  This system provides us to shape the bones with a special probe (cap) pulsing ultrasonic waves without destroying the skin and subcutaneous tissues in various surgical operations.  This technology is mostly used in orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, hand surgery and dental and maxillofacial surgery. Thanks to the Piezo technology, we no longer need to use surgical tools as mallets or rasps.

The advantages of Piezo ultrasonic energy in rhinoplasty

- The elimination of huge tissue traumas caused by surgical tools as mallets or rasps and, accordingly, a healing process where almost no bruises occur.
- Increase in the millimetric sensitivity in bone shaping
- The chance of more radical changes thanks to the opportunity of more reliable practices on nasal bone.
- Elimination of unexpected results as collapse of nasal bridge.