Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery

The fat pads called as ‘bichat’ and naturally found in everyone may be bigger and wider compared to our face proportion. This non-proportional bichats make our face look fatter or more round. This unwanted situation directs both women and men to have a buccal fat removal surgery.

How is buccal fat removal surgery carried out?

This operation includes the removal of bichat fat pads from both cheeks through milimetric sections. This operation is carried out in operating room environment under general anaesthesia. This operation lasts about half an hour.  As the stitches melts, there is no need for taking the stitches.

Am I appropriate for this operation?

Selection of the right patient is of vital importance for buccal fat removal surgery. Because these fat pads also provide facial support and acts as a stem cell reservoir. Thus, people whose fat tissue is really thick should have this operation.
Right patient selection brings highly successful results together. In some circumstances, face thinning operations may be suggested as a more minimal option as Agassi radiofrequency or masseter botox.

Points to be noted in post-operative process.

Avoid from hot foods and drinks on the first three post-operative days. Avoid from alcohol and smoking.
Take care of oral hygiene and use mouthwash.