Mirza Firat MD

Mirza Firat MD

Born in Erzurum in 1985. Studied Medicine at Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University from 2003 to 2009. Received his Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Residency training at Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University from 2009 to 2014. Worked at Bakırköy Sadi Konuk Training&Research Hospital, and performed numerous successful aesthetic surgeries from 2015 to 2017. Attended many conventions and workshops both in Turkey and overseas. Provides service at his personal clinic since 2017.

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Patient Feedback

Angela Omran

I’m getting so many compliments thank you!

Mila Vilchinskaya

Hello! Wanted to say thank you for the surgery and to you, doctor personally, I am only 1,5 months post operation but I am already really happy with the result! Want to send some pictures updates how it looks now.

Elmira Husaj

Hi Dr Mirza.
Thank you very much for my new cute nose i am so happy.

Venla Mannila

Hi Mirza!
It's almost four months now from the surgery and the swelling has decreased significantly!
I love my nose so much, thank you!

Emelie Olsson

Yes! I’m so happy with how its look! Its perfect!
Every day i get compliments over my nose.

Alisa Reckovic

Hello Doctor!
It is already one month since the surgery!
I am very happy, everything is good!

Nevena Mincheva

I like the shape of my nose.
Thank you so much, Dr. Mirza.
I got my dreams.

Aviv Gashma

I’m so happy for the result!! Thank you for everything.

Katerina Rosengren

Hi Mirza! Here’s a post op update.
It’s been one month since the surgery and everything is going well.
The swelling is going down and I really love my new nose.

Emily Vargas

Hello doctor.
I am a month post op last Friday.
The swelling is going down and I want to share these pictures with you.
I am so thankful for you!

Selina Weeke

Look at this change! It’s insane.
Thank you very much...

Marianna Zaccharia

Dear Mirza, here‘s a little nose Update 3 and a half months and i’m happier every day.

Sandibel Daoud

Thanks again for a great job!
I'm really happy and can breathe normally.

Valeria Barelli

The best Doctor I could have chosen for my nose.
Everyone compliments me, for real!! Have a great week end.

Mady Camelo

Thank you for the great job.

Beterlly Sandrania

Hello doctor Mirza,
Here’s my photos and videos.
I am happy that my nose are very straight now.

Azifah Azadikhah

I am so grateful and happy.
I really am, U couldn’t have done a better job It looks so natural and refined.

Ali Alqallaf

Thank you doctor for new body.

Amir Masarwa

Dear Dr. Mirza, It has been just over one month since my surgery. Thank you so very much for the excellent care & help you have shown me. This has been such a wonderful and happy experience for me. 

Tala Altawil

Thank you doctor for my new beautiful nose.

Leyla wolis

i am gratefull for my beautiful nose thank you Dr Mirza

Tatyana Kovaleva

Hello..))) Thank you so much!! Healing process is going well..Big thank you to Dr Mirza and his team one more time.

Irma Erminovic

Thank you Dr Mirza for my beautiful new nose:)

Amina Rama

Thank u fine my nose is doin good looking amazing 

It‘s unbelievable u did a great job

Gülşen Taş

Hello Dr, I just wanted to share my 2 months result. I am loving my new nose! Thank you so much! ♥️


Everything is going so well and I am so in love thank you so much! ♥️   

From London. 

Julia Lindqvist

Hi Doctor, hope you are well! It has now been 1 month since my surgery and I am so happy with the results already ️ Thank you very much, you gave me my dream nose.

Imta Tammo

Hii doctor, 
Thats 2 months update

Really cant thank you enough for this absolutely amazing results

Samantha Kara

Thank you Dr Mirza:)   I’m so happy with my nose.

Ceren Uluçay

Size ne kadar teşekkür etsem az, süpersiniz:)


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